"Don't let their cuteness fool you!  Parasprites are adorable creatures, but they'll eat everything in sight!" --Twilight Sparkle


Parasprites can appear when darkness is pushed back, and in open areas.  They occupy a 2X2 space and appear in swarms of 5.

If a swarm of Parasprites has appeared, then you cannot build on the area they occupy.  The only other disadvantage they give is that you have to feed them Harmony Shards to get rid of them.  The color of the Parasprite's body determines which shard it will eat.

  • Dark blue body with light blue eyes eats Laughter shards.
  • Golden yellow body with red eyes eats Honesty shards.
  • Dark purple body with blue eyes eats Generosity shards.
  • Dark green body with yellow eyes eats Kindness shards.
  • Red body with purple eyes eats Loyalty shards.
  • Dark pink body with purple eyes eats Magic shards.

Feeding Parasprites may reward you with Bits and possibly a Gem.

  • An average of 46 Bits per group of Parasprites, with a 25% chance to get a Gem