If you're feeling lucky, play Balloon Pop to win prizes! You get one free turn daily, or you can play anytime by spending Gems or Hearts. Spending Gems or Hearts also gives you a better chance of winning cooler prizes!

The Balloon Pop stand costs 500 Bits and takes 30 seconds to build.

Free GameEdit

Every 24 hours you get a free game


  • 65% chance for Small Bit Pack (20-98 Bits)
  • 1% chance for Small Experience Pack

Heart GameEdit

For 30 Hearts, you can play the Heart Game.

Prizes :

  • Small/Medium Bit Pack
  • Small/Medium Shard Pack
  • Small/Medium Experience Pack
  • Small Gem Pack

Gem GameEdit

For 25 Gems you can play the Gems game.


  • Medium/Large Bit Pack
  • Medium/Large Shard Pack
  • Medium/Large Experience Pack
  • Small Gem Pack

Decorations You Can Win from Heart or Gem GameEdit

  • Ice Sculpture
  • Guard Statue
  • Water Tower
  • Windmill
  • Unicorn Statue
  • Celestia Statue
  • Large Clock Tower
  • Wonderbolts Statue
  • Sun and Moon Statue
  • Luna's Chariot